Maintaining Your Meat Band Saw

Here are some nice guidelines and tips to keeping your band saw in tip top operation.

1. Machine should be generally inspected every time it is cleaned (at least daily) to ensure that it is in good condition and has not been damaged or tampered with.
a. SAW WHEELS: Clean outer diameter grooves daily. Check for cracks, gouges or wear on the flange and grooves.
b. WHEEL CLEANER ASSEMBLIES: Check condition of fiber cleaner, change every four (4) weeks.
c. REMOVABLE FINGER LIFT ASSEMBLY: Check condition of saw guard, make sure mounting bolts are tight and the “DANGER EXPOSED BLADE” decal is affixed and legible. Check condition of upper saw guide, replace every 6 months. Check adjustment of upper saw guide. Should be 1/32" between back of blade and saw guide carbide.
d. SAW GUIDE BAR: Check condition of bar for wear, replace if necessary.
e. STATIONARY BAR ASSEMBLY: Check condition of nylon filler, change every 4 weeks. Check condition of saw guide, check tracking of blade through guide, back of blade should be centered in hole, replace every 6 months.
f. SAW CLEANERS: Check condition of blade cleaners, replace every 4 weeks.
g. MEAT GAUGE ASSEMBLY: Check free movement of meat gauge plate on gear rack. Gear rack to be kept lubricated at all times with N.C. Saw Parts machine food grade oil. Check operation of release handle. Check that worm gear engages properly with gear rack.
j. MEAT CARRIAGE ASSEMBLY: Check free movement through full range of travel. Check side to side for excessive clearance, adjust as necessary. Check condition of and grease bearings, replace as necessary. Check condition of thumb guard, replace as necessary.
k. SAFETY ITEMS: Safety end cut pusher plate is with machine and accessible. All warning labels are present and legible. Model and Serial Number plate is affixed and legible. Manual accessible to operator.


Recommended grease for standard service conditions Is Mobil Mobilgrease XHP 222 Special with Lithium Thickener

1. UPPER WHEEL BEARINGS: Grease every four (4) months. Change grease every twelve (12) months. 

2. LOWER BEARING HOUSING: Grease every four (4) months. Change grease every twelve (12) months.

3. MEAT CARRIAGE BEARINGS: Grease every four (4) weeks.

4. SAW GUIDE BAR: Oil daily with N.C. Saw Parts food machine oil.

5. MEAT GAUGE GEAR RACK: Oil daily with N.C. Saw Parts food machine oil.


NOTE: Remove upper wheel and turn #14782 Blade Tension screw clockwise until it bottoms out against #14781 Blade Tension Handle then fill the cavity under the O-Ring on the #14782 Blade Tension Screw with #374 Mobil Mobilgrease XHP 222 Special with Lithium Thickener-assemble.

7. MOTOR BEARINGS: Bearing grease will lose its lubricating ability over time, not suddenly. The lubricating ability of a grease (over time) depends primarily on the type of grease, the size of the bearing, the speed at which the bearing operates and the severity of the operating conditions. Good results can be obtained if the following recommendations are used in your maintenance program. A high grade ball or roller bearing grease should be used. 

Recommended lubrications intervals is every 9 months with the equivalent of two (2) teaspoons of grease.

When lubricating the upper wheel bearing it is important that the three hex head screws securing the upper wheel hub cap be loosened slightly before attempting to pump grease into the grease fitting. Loosening the screws allows for an escape of old broken down grease and air from the bearing cavity. Failure to loosen the screws before greasing the upper bearings can cause the upper shaft seal to be dislodged from the upper wheel allowing grease to escape and moisture to get into the cavity. When finished greasing the bearings, re-tighten the three screws. Take care to also clean off any grease that was pushed out of the cavity during greasing.

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